Job Market and Covid-19

Job Market and Covid-19

As we all Know 2020 has not been a great start for all of us Covid-19 has taken the world by Storm, everything today in literal meaning is frozen and people are clueless, today covid-19 has affected things badly whether it is economy or our daily routine we human have no clue what to do next or how to proceed in this hour of crises, in this article I would like to shed some light on the current Job market due to this pandemic and how can we cope with it

Job Market Scenario under Covid-19 conditions

Hiring is at its lowest nobody want to hire people when their existing operation are at half the capacity or less than that, but still there are few giants who are speculating on future and they are still hiring but cautiously and jobs seeker should miss this opportunity despite there are less chances but one should never lose hope

Many Corporation are scheduling online Interviews as well as telephonic Interviews as these are not a new thing but previously before Covid-19 these were just an added event in the whole hiring process,

Today an average Job seeker is confused and there is a lot of panic in the air, one needs to assess the overall situation covid-19 for the world has started though for china we all are hearing good news but for the rest of the world daily some terrible news are arriving,

Under these condition only those corporation are surviving which are actually the beneficiaries of Covid-19 directly or indirectly we list down these sectors

  1. FMCG/Packed Items/General Food Items
  2. Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals
  3. Surgical items /Mask/
  4. Protective Clothing
  5. Sanitization/Health and Safety Equipment

Due to surge in demand because of the Covid-19 Pandemic it is likely that these corporation will saw an increase in the demand which in turns likely to hire more and more people, job seeker are advise to actively search for these industry and to apply whenever the find a matching position

Online Work from home jobs

Jobs Seeker needs to understand the whole business cycle and model of the employer, for example any logistic related work in this pandemic will be at its lowest similarly general food items will saw an increase in demand, jobs seekers needs to search for online work from home jobs more these days but still they needs to understand business model of the employer and find a correlation between his online work and the business model of the employer and see whether they align with each other or not

Start panicking and Ruining

Things will be hard as the virus is growing exponentially it doesn’t seems to go any time sooner and initial estimates are saying at least 3 to 4 months are required it slow down the effect, an unemployed person needs to cut down its most of the expenses as things will be hard in the near future but should not start panicking that is the key, if your unemployed the best thing today is to start anything which is paying even a little and when the crises is over you can go for a better job

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