Job Hunt Scams in UAE and how to Counter it

Searching for the Right job is never an easy task especially in UAE and other GCC countries where many factors involved such as low pay, job scams, fake Interviews and such, this article will guide you, how a job seeker can protect itself while searching for the job in UAE and other GCC countries, and we will list down the tips and tricks which will protect a Job seeker from scams and frauds moreover it will going to help and increases the chances of landing a job in UAE and other GCC countries, since this article focusing UAE as country for job seeker we will use example from the country

First step: Craft your resume/cv according to the location you are in such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or any other Emirate, clearly mention the city, your local telephone number, your visa status, and your resume should be short and concise we have already wrote an article about how to create a perfect CV you can read it here

How to not get trapped

  • Your CV shouldn’t mention any information of sensitive nature such as your social media accounts, any home address info if you are an expat, or anything which can lead to accessing vital information which can be used by fraudster or imposter
  • You need to apply through credible job boards only, send your resume to the relevant jobs only, don’t get desperate here, anything which is not according the value preposition should be a red flag, for example high salary for a medium to entry level jobs, or reduced working hour can be a trap to attract job seeker.
  • One of the best way to get hired is through LinkedIn try to find hiring manager in the region and check if any recent jobs being posted by them, competition will be low on these job post, 2nd most best and effective way is to spend money on advertisement, regarding your services on renowned portals only
  • Beginning of the year is probably the best month in UAE for jobs search, it is advisable for candidate to plan their trip in advance and actively search for jobs in UAE and GCC countries in the beginning of the month as most company announce their budgets
  • Any sort of money ask, we repeat any kind of monetary benefits ask by any employer in the form of registration fees, visa fees, application processing fees, administration fees is a big sign of a fake job, please refrain from paying even a fills, DO NOT PAY any money when being recruited even if all look extremely real
  • One of the Biggest sign of fake job is when they interview candidate they are taken on some temporary place and they generally take non-technical interview, since the job seekers are desperate they tend to overlook these sign and get excited as they are being recruited, infect they are being trapped very wisely, one of the things which have been identified is that, fake employer tends to capitalize on candidate visa expiration date, they try to recruit people who are near to their visa expiration and later on ask for money in the form of any above fees mention.

Effective Approach for job search:

  • Candidate need to have at least 3 months visit visa in UAE and other GCC Countries which can lead to fruitful result, 1 or 2 month usually not enough for job search
  • Plan your trip at least 2 to 3 month before arrival in UAE, things which needs to planned are, accommodation, your arrival and settling in UAE for the first few days, how you are going to manage? Food and laundry management, local traveling management etc.
  • All your degree should be properly attested from the relevant authorities, as in UAE candidate degree needs to be attested for the job visa
  • Candidate must be upgrade their soft skill such MS office, ERP, any other IT related skills, and this contributes value in a candidate.
  • An Updated LinkedIn profile is a must, which should look professional as well, meaning the use of professional word in crafting your resume, you profile picture should a have decent and polite attire


Getting a Job in UAE and other GCC countries is not that hard, candidate feel demotivated when they are scammed by people, and they failed to follow the correct approach, every country has its ways, candidate just need to align their ways with the requirement of that country.

Happy Job Hunt

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