How to Grow in Your Career

Career Growth is essential in everyone’s life it keeps you motivated and allows you to get up daily and work for it, setting your objectives and goals is necessary and then aligning your goals with the goals of the organization is important too but this all sounds too easy right? The problem arises when you get stuck in your career or you just can’t see the road map or possible chances in career growth, in this guide, we are going to discuss how to identify the potential growth of your career without being too ambitious and how to take advantage even if things are looking bleak and not in your favor.

Career Growth and Progression:

Growing in your Career is never going to be easy whether the growth is work related or financial growth until your goal is align with the goals of the company and this is actually the most difficult part, imagine yourself why would a company give you a substantial raise or why they make you responsible for more work which can expand your horizon , just because you are with them for long and doing the repetitive nature of work you are only entitles to inflationary raise not something out of the box, unless you are ready to solve their problem, many people complain they are not being valued at their company, its actually them who are not value themselves, these are the people who doesn’t want to get their hands dirty they just wait for their paycheck at the end of each month and between month very smartly they  pass time and complain when they go through appraisal, you just don’t need to be that guy, exponential growth in your career begins when you master your work and ready to take more challenges outside your core jobs, in short when you try to steal the pain of your employer this is where you will get notice, for this you need to be different but how? We are going to list down the attributes which is needed for career growth

  • Be unique: try to perform your core job with a unique approach and not to copy others.
  • Be a Trend Setter: Try to incorporate things in your job which wasn’t there before
  • Be Friendly: Collaboration and communication are the key don’t be rude to people
  • Be an Achiever: Try just not to achieve your KPI’s exceed the target to show your willingness
  • Winning Attitude: Never so no to tough tasks, roll on your sleeves, and try your best to solve the issue.

A positive mindset and clear objective can lead you to outperform others and this is where you can see the exponential growth, it occurs when are not afraid of losing and take up tough tasks and projects to show your capability and skills.

Exploring opportunities:

There may be a time when you do all the above but still stuck in a very boring/unchallenging role, this is where you need to understand where you need to move on in your career and try to explore better opportunities, for this, you need to be flexible and ready to upskill yourself, in this digital age this can be done pretty easily many online courses/Digital certification are being awarded, you just need to look in this according to your field of work, this upskilling will not only give your resume a boost but will also likely to boost your confidence level which can be helpful in your next jobs. Don’t be a job hopper only switch jobs if there is no learning left and no reward.

Darkness period:

It’s not always going to be easy, there will be a period of darkness filled with difficulties where you just can’t see the roadmap of your career, and this is the stage where you need to be patient, keep doing what you are best at and keep going, things will surely make turn in your favor until then you need to be calm and never to lose hope, this is surely a difficult time as people thinks thier career is over and nothing new will come in their way.

Career peak:

Career peak occurs when you have achieved a certain milestone in terms of financial benefits and position, it’s a midlife crisis of a job when you have peaked your career and there is not much challenge left in the role at this point continued growth may be slow down but to feed the hunger of growth in career one cannot stop when you reached this point it’s better to take a big but calculated risk, it is the point where you have recognition and money as well, try to be project/purpose driven now, some example would be to give back to the community, do something big in charity, anything which you always want to do you can do at this stage.

Career growth is not only rewarding financially but also mentally, it’s like a fuel that keeps you going, challenging roles makes you, they shape you differently and makes you find your hidden capability, many people are afraid to try new things if they are not growing in Job or stuck somewhere it’s maybe that jobs are not for them, they can start their own small business, taking the first step is always difficult, for this you need mental clarity and vision, there may be many time where you are going to fall but you need to understand every fall will make you stronger and it’s the experiences which make you different from others.