10 Smart Ways to Save Money While On Job Search in UAE

The job hunt is a cumbersome process it’s a tiring process of resource depletion (Physical, mental, and financial), we have covered this topic before but here we are writing it again with new smart ways how you can save effectively while on the job hunt, when people move to UAE a major chunk of these are from third world countries whom economies are not in great shape so the initial spending and everyday spending in UAE seems a lot, because the money they bring in become automatically less because of strong UAE economy, so their only way to counter this problem is to save and spend effectively until they find the job which pays in local currency, we will list down 10 effective ways where you can potentially save a good amount of money here in UAE

1- No to Taxi:

This sounds a little abnormal but yes Taxis are extremely expensive here, the small ride can easily fetch AED 100 ($27) but when you are unsure about your job prospect this can put a small dent in your pocket and too many dents like this in a day or 2 can put you out of the budget in no time. UAE has well put out infrastructure of metro and buses throughout the country you just need to enquire about the local app which lets you understand the local routes to different destinations.

2- Avoid Munching:

Okay, we all crave snacks almost every day, and here in UAE it is not cheap especially when you are jobless, on an average a 15g pack of chips costs somewhere between 10 to 12 AED ($2.72 to $3.27) while a pack of cigarettes cost somewhere around AED 10 ($2.72) these little financial resource eater can become big at the end of the day, save on these cost and limit yourself for two time healthy eating for better productivity.

3- Online Apply:

UAE is at the forefront of adopting new technology and techniques, there will be local people suggesting you go to each workplace and office to apply for jobs, this is a thing of the past now companies always prefer online applications, this not only saves time but cost as well, candidate need to understand this and stop being desperate, as it will only bring harm, unnecessary printing cost and transportation can be really expensive and mentally exhausting avoid these if you can.

4- Shared Accommodation:

Okay, this is something everybody does but still here is a catch, expats who mostly opt for shared accommodation bed spaces, you can even save a ton of $$$ here for this you need to stay at a normal location nothing fancy for example in Dubai a posh area such as JLT at this area even a bed space would cost you around AED 1500 to 2000 ($408 to $544) yes there are many advantages of living in this kind of area but you need to wait until you can afford it, mid local area for the same bed space would cost around AED 800 to 1000 ($207 to $272) and a low locality area would cost around AED 350 to 500 ($95 to $135), it is better to stay at around mid-locality area from where you can access to a lot of things one pro tip is to try to find accommodation near to metro station, and there many shared accommodation which also includes 3-time foods (Breakfast lunch and Dinner) this can be your best bang of the buck not only it will save you tons of $ but also save your crucial time.

5- Travelling hacks:

Try to get a monthly metro station card which roughly costs between AED 300 to 400 for the whole month but you can travel tension-free in the whole city of Dubai, and in your free time you can explore the city without shedding any extra $.

6- Verification is important:

UAE is full of scams happenings if you are not smart enough can you fall into this trap quite easily, many interview scams and on-site job offer scams can be extremely costly and exhausting as well, though it won’t be that easy to verify every interview calls but still and few troubleshoot of verification can save you tons of $ in this regards, whenever you receive a job interview call try to look up that number whether it’s an official company number or not similarly any emails must be thoroughly verified.

7- Eating Out:

Everyone wants peace in this matter as most people don’t know how to cook or avoid cooking at a place where they are temporarily, similarly in the job hunt because so many things are happening usually people skip cooking and start eating out, well UAE isn’t cheap in this regard and average meal nothing fancy at a restaurant cost around AED 10 to 20 and suppose you eat outside it will cost you somewhere around AED 1200 to 1400 ($326 to $381) which is a lot, you can cut it down to AED 350 to 600 of you cook at home/shared accommodation so it’s better to look for an accommodation which allows you to cook your own food.

8- Avoiding Leisure Activities:

UAE is a place full of attractions, every weekend some sort of new attraction is happening it can be a concert or new events, and you will be tempted to join these happenings but there are no free lunches in this world it’s better to stay away from these leisure activities until you find a promising job and settle down then you can plan to enjoy these activities.

9- Smart Sale Shopping:

You need to be vigilant in this regard, in UAE sale are happening a lot, many things are down to 50% (off) for this you need to have an eagle eye and then this will be the best time to shop for your necessary things, cut down all you luxury item and shop only necessary things even when they are on sale, this is called extremely smart shopping.

10- Time is Money:

UAE is an expensive place and you will feel more expensive when you are looking for a job for a longer period, time is money the sooner you get the job you will feel less pressurized, so you need to spend your time wisely and smartly and make sure that you make the most of your time daily in searching relevant job only.

UAE is a place where you need to compete with different individuals to survive and things are generally expensive most expensive things are accommodations and traveling if not using the bus or metro, without a job it can be difficult for an individual to survive here so if you are coming to UAE prepared to spend wisely and plan many things ahead until you find yourself a good paying job.