Jobs Market Resumption and Covid Impact

As we already know world has been hit hard by Covid in every aspect, whether it be a Job market, businesses, or lifestyle in general, routine life has been changed now, people who have adjusted to these post Covid routine and stuff are likely to go pass through these tough time, one of the most adversely affected area was Job market, people were made redundant or forced to work on reduced salaries these all contributed a lot adversely for an individual, but now as the Covid-19 vaccines is readily available for use, things are getting back on track but it won’t be the same as before Covid, we are going to highlight what needs to be done successfully to counter the Covid impact on Job market on an individual level.

Skills Enhancement:

Skills is something which will always be valuable in every condition, regular monotonous 9 to 5 jobs is somewhat now can be seen as a not value adding factor, or they will be categorize in a very low paying job now,

One question which every individual must ask from themselves what value he/she has been adding to the organization, if the answer is doubtful or not meaningful then one should remember, he/she is just one step away from poverty if savings are less,

Skills upgradation, any technical knowledge, certification which adds value to the organization as a whole can now make you stands out from the crowd especially in this post covid era.

Psychological impact:

Stress, Anxiety and Depression all has geared up and affected an individual pretty badly, jobs losses, exhausted savings and peer pressure all has contributed a lot,

An unemployed individual currently should seek mental therapy cheaply, learning new skill though internet religiously and most importantly staying calm, cutting down unnecessary expense or asking themselves if the same thing can be done cheaply, motivational videos can help a lot in shaping a broken individual in this era, one needs to remember its always the brain which needs to be taught to remain calm.

Multiple income Streams:

It won’t be easy to create multiple streams income now but one has to strive for it now to achieve it in future, but how it can be done

If an individual has suffered high paying job loss, chances are very slim that the similar income stream can be achieve in this era, one needs to mitigate this effect now by accepting low or medium paying jobs for less number of hours work to cover the basic necessities of life and accepting the fact that this is now the new normal. And in the meantime work hard in your spare hours which you have saved by accepting low/medium paying job to create 2nd income streams and similarly working hard to create a passive income stream as well even if it is low paying

Importance of Online Work:

In this Era if someone is only working offline / physical job only then it should be a matter of great concern now, because the world is moving very fast, online industry is growing at must faster rate, ecommerce retail sales stood at USD 4.28 trillion and it is expected that in 2024 ecommerce total global retail sales will reach 21.8%, you can read more here Ecommerce Stats and Facts

Importance of selling online whether any physical product or services should be now be a priority to adopt this rapid change.

Accepting the Reality:

This is the most important aspect which can shape someone life favorably is accepting the reality, the reality that now word demands something more, this paradigm shift has make us all started to think life won’t be the same, and accepting the reality can make our life easier it will make us to work for it to secure future, living in denial will only have detrimental effects, adapting the change and by doubling our experiments can make our chances of being successful higher, calculated risk is always beneficial, being idle and not doing is something now when it is much needed will cause adverse effect in future and will require more struggle then in the beginning

Life is always a roller coaster ride, successful ones are the one who anticipate, plan, execute and are always in motion, doing something different from other be it small or large, good things always takes time, patience is the key.

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