Importance of Education and Training in the UAE Job Market

UAE is always at the forefront of implementing new technology, techniques, and procedures, it has some very advanced training and learning platforms to prepare the workforce, and systems are in place through various institutions, it’s for the individual how much benefits they can acquire, these measures are the response of the rapidly evolving demands of the global economy, UAE has some of the best in class online learning platforms, vocational training platforms, and lifelong learning methods, these steps will help the professionals in UAE to compete with the western world.

Online learning Awareness:

There is an increasing popularity for online learning in UAE, there are many flexible educational opportunities for the working class, and many new online learning platforms like Skillshare, udemy, and LinkedIn learning are getting popular here, and without breaking the bank individuals can upgrade his/her skill, the best thing about online learning is flexibility individual can learn at their pace and is accessible to a wider audience. Now many universities across the UAE also provide the option of online learning to busy individuals.

Some of the best online learning Platforms are

  • LinkedIn Learning
  • Udemy
  • Coursera
  • Skill Share
  • Edx
  • Khan Academy

Vocational training:

Importance of vocational skills is extremely important in today’s jobs market, UAE has invested in robust vocational training programs to bridge the gap between online education and employment, It is important for a professional to  attend these programs regularly so they can have a competitive advantage over others, Dubai and Abu Dhabi both cities have an institution like DVETI (Dubai Vocational Education and training institute) and ADVETI (Abu Dhabi Vocational Education and Training institute) these institutes provide hands-on effective training for industries like hospitality, construction, health, IT, and these training help an individual to shape up their skill according to UAE environment and culture and are well regarded by employer across UAE.

Seminars and Expo:

Since UAE is now becoming a center of new technology and initiative, many expos and seminars are always happening throughout the country, attending these seminars and expos fosters learning in individuals which make them keep abreast of new things happening in UAE, this culture is promoted by the UAE government.

Lifelong learning:

UAE education emphasizes continuous learning and skill development for individuals, this fosters a culture of continuous learning throughout the country, many employers take the initiative to promote learning at every level in their organization by training their employees at regular intervals, sending them abroad for leadership courses, making compulsory to obtain relevant certification, all these steps are taken to meet the challenges of the future job market.

Industry Collaboration:

On time to time basis UAE collaborates with top industry partners and stakeholders so that they can design programs that can meet the needs of the industry, clearly meaning they are always ready to bridge the gap between what is needed and what is present, that is why UAE invest heavily on its infrastructure which compliment these programs later on.

IT and innovation:

This era belongs to IT, many of the new startups in IT have revolutionized the industry, and we have witnessed spectacular growth in this industry with the advent of technology parks and free zones it is clear UAE is focusing on IT more than ever, UAE has been proactive in digital transformation across different industry, all these steps foster learning at a country level.

Competition in the UAE job market is getting tougher, only those will survive and thrive who can embrace changes and adopt continuous learning, it can be exhausting to manage professional and educational life side by side, so it is important to upgrade your skills at a regular interval by taking the advantage of UAE state of the art facilities. Not only this can lead to facing the challenges of the job market but unprecedented growth can be enjoyed as well.