How to Sustain your Job

Jobs Sustainability is as important as securing a job, the motivation and adrenaline rush which is all time high when near to securing a job, diminishes as soon as you are hired, there are many aspects of jobs that need to be carefully looked after securing the job to excel, getting a job is just like entering the door, successfully getting through your job should be on your plan list, but the question is how? In this guide, we are going to talk about how important job sustainability is and what steps need to be taken

Knowing Your JD:

Job Description must be well documented and be presented upon your successful employment It is a piece of document which are the demands of the organization and what they want from you, candidate must thoroughly go through it and understand it properly, there may be such task for which you need training or education, the candidate should always go through this tricky/difficult task so that they won’t be a problem for them when their performance will be reviewed against their JD’s. Competency against Jd’s is also crucial which shows your ability to perform the core job for which you are hired.

Knowing Your Boss:

Knowing your Immediate Line managers/Boss is a must, understanding his/her temperament, what they want from you, their reporting procedures, how strict they are regarding work, and what they expect from you, these are few things you are not going to assess quickly, as it will take time but it is very important to know your boss and his/her requirements from you, there may be something extra they want you to perform apart from your JD’s make sure it’s legal and aligned with the goal of the organization.

Knowing the Culture:

Knowledge of the Cultural fit of the organization is very important for an individual to sustain the job, if the culture promotes extroversion and openness, it will be a little difficult for an introvert to handle it easily (and Vice e versa) but it is important to have complete knowledge of the culture of the organization as soon as possible to handle the difficult part calmly, the culture of the organization also shows how things worked in the organization what informal ways are there that must be adopted and are not against the objective of the organization, individual strong observational skill is needed to measure the culture of the organization

Knowing Your Team:

In this era of Digital revolution team collaboration is much need effort which sound easy but it can be one of the most difficult part of someone’s jobs, knowing your team, key position, their nature, how each team player responds to collective work assignments is much needed information for a new joiner to perform his/her job effectively and efficiently, one or 2 month work end cycle can determine this and you will get to know who is the most difficult person to deal with and then you can strategize how to deal with him, this is an important step many people fail to strategize for such individual and then their own performance suffer because of them, you need to understand this, starting few months are actually a honeymoon period for a new joiner in this period no one will take you serious, your mistakes will be overlooked, and you will be given a free hand, but this is the time which you do not have to waste, you need to understand your team and their requirements and what part you are going to play for collective work submission.

Knowing what not to do:

Every organization has some rules, policies, and formal and informal ways to conduct the office, it is important to know these in advance and try not to break them knowingly or unknowingly, many reckless employees breaks these rules quite often without understanding what will be the consequences in future, it is important to adhere all the rules regarding your jobs, you can be termed as a non-serious person in no time and it can affect overall your job growth.

The sustainability List:

Individuals need to understand sustaining and growing in their jobs must be his/her top most priority without focusing on these two one cannot achieve career success we are going to list down the sustainability list that will help people sustain their jobs

  1. Performing the core Job
  2. Behaving Politely 
  3. Performing the Special Jobs/task
  4. Having Patience
  5. Do not Break the Rules
  6. Collaborating with team members and helping others
  7. Remember and Meet Important deadlines
  8. Take initiative 
  9. Align Your goals with the goals of the organization
  10. Add value to your work/team

Getting a Job only, shouldn’t be your only priority growing and sustaining should be, there are many stories you can see where an intern becomes the CEO of the company go with that vision, that you need to reach the top while adding value to the organization, doing something half-heartedly shouldn’t be on your to-do things list, sustaining a job is all about how you can benefit an organization, in the beginning, it seems a huge thing to do but focusing on your work with patience can do wonders, you need to learn every day about your jobs and how to take things from this level to the next.