How to Make Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume, a communication tool which is required by every job seeking individual, although even for self-employed people it’s always good to have an up to updated Cv, this article will discuss on how to make CV for GCC region, where thousands of people land every month in search of their lively hood, if your cv is not structured the way employer likes, it is likely to be end up in bin, a study done by Ladder in 2018 that, it only require 6 to 7 second to reject a cv, a cv which are your building for weeks can be rejected in merely 7 seconds, that’s means simply you need to tailor your cv according to the job you are applying and for the region as well.

CV Which End Up In Bin:

  • General CV /not related to the job advertise
  • Unnecessary long CV, including stuff which is not needed
  • Unprofessional language use in CV, use of jargons and slang of any sort
  • Unprofessional details or info given such as: use of unprofessional email address
  • Quantifying and listing down things which are a part of your core job to make your cv look worthy
  • Unnecessary use of graphics and layouts just because a CV template is available on internet doesn’t means you have to use it.
  • Spelling mistakes / grammatical errors
  • Unprofessional font or change of font in the CV, a CV should contain only 1 professional looking font which should be used throughout the CV.
  • Failed to highlight main things, such as experience, achievements, and willingness,
  • Lying or manipulating on your CV

CV Which can be considered:

  • Extremely relevant to the job advertise
  • Very precise and concise not more than 1 or max 1.5 page
  • Tell the truth, Do not lie on your CV around 30% people lie on their CV as this study conducted by Zippa
  • Use of professional language with good influx of relevant vocabs.
  • Mentioning your availability in the region, specifying the dates is good
  • Highlighting real achievements which is too relevant to the jobs advertise, correlation is the key here
  • Structuring is important whatever format you are using just mreake sure it give a snap shot of a person within 10 seconds after seeing it
  • Format of a CV must looks extremely appealing in a professional way using too much graphics can give a vibe to a hiring manager a displeasing first look or unprofessional behavior
  • Personal information data must be given in a very subtle and clean way, such as your emails, portfolio, and other stuff should gives the feel of thorough professional not a road side chap.
  • Social Media handles needs to give an impression about your seriousness, casual attitude or any hate some speeches can barred you from being hired

What Employers Loves in GCC:

For GCC Region such as UAE, QATAR, KSA and Other, your need to update your resume, as employer here likes different things and if they see it on your resume, you chances are automatically increase by many others in this cut throat competition.

So what are these, which employers loves here?

  • Actual presence in the region you’re Applying, an employer will simply disregard your resume if you are not present in the region, exception are always there
  • Having experience in the local region gives you a great advantage in the competition but sadly for new entrance in GCC it is something not possible
  • Having your own GCC region work visa, visa is costly here and if you have a work visa of your own you are way ahead of competition
  • Having a valid Driving license especially in UAE, getting driving license can be difficult in the beginning but it is a really a value adding factor in your resume which employer loves to see
  • Command on local language such as Arabic in GCC, even only this thing can land you job alone.
  • Technical expertise regarding the job advertise can be a great value adding factor in GCC
  • Region understanding, if you can give a sense to an employer that you are well aware of the region, this is extremely vital in sales related jobs.

CV Tailoring is a Must:

If you are an expat and now willing to secure a job in GCC, you must need to tailor your cv according to the region you are applying, your location and phone number must be updated in your cv for that region, an employer won’t be calling you on an international number, your visa status currently can increase confidence for the employer, any technical knowledge required for the job must be updated in your Resume, your experiences must be appealing to read or your achievements must had a feel of solving real world problems.

These short and minute detail can create an impact on the reader and your chances of being called for an interview gets higher, one must not overlook these details,

How to Make Curriculum Vitae and bearing in mind the Do’s and Don’t

How to Make CV

In the end securing a Jobs does have many other factors as well such as how your interview goes or the technical related skills but still CV which is a first point of contact between a job seeker and an employer, and if that tool itself is vague and not appealing, your chances become bleak in landing a job, still in today’s era resume is very important, a well-crafted cv can have more eyeballs mean more chances of being employed

GCC is a region different from other region in the world, competition is a lot here and when you are an expat, your time and money is limited here which can run out soon, failure to understand these aspect and not crafting your cv as per the region and employer needs can make you run out of the job race in no time. you can also read our article for Reasons for failure in securing a Job in UAE which applies to other GCC region as well, We know people who landed job just by tweaking their CV as per the employer advertisement, the question should not be how to make Curriculum Vitae just but more importantly how much qualitative your resume is, sometime we do have the required skills and experience but failing to communicate properly does all the harm.