Real Reasons of Failure in Securing a Job 2019


Everything is evolving in this modern age so as your regular jobs and they are constantly evolving and what’s not evolving is us the job seeker, we are a bunch of desperate job seeker who dream to land a well-paying job which covers all are bills and entertainment expense but in return we are too lazy to add value to one who will be covering up these hefty expenses of our’s, In this era of technology, regular jobs are already outdated and many of them are taken up by technological advancement, such as modern ERP’s and Accounting software does all the job for you with a few click of a button which was not possible before and one have to rely on a conventional accountant.

How to Evolve ?

It’s Actually extremely important in this era just not to focus only on one area, modern jobs are extremely demanding and to keep abreast with the society and with the technological race, one has to continually update him/her self in his or her area of expertise , for eg Tax Accountant should also have general accounting knowledge as well and how to integrate their work with the modern ERP, or an HR Manager should add value by anticipating in advance the current employment rate in the demographic region or how to cope up with the demand, in short he or she needs to strategize things as well

Failure to evolve mean you will be replace sooner than you think with some one who is more capable and thinks outside the box for a situation, one of the most easiest way is by asking yourself and writing down in bullet points how are you or will be adding value to the organizations goal and aligning them with your own goals as well

In any Area of work continuous study of relevant methodologies, process and practises are important, incorporating them with your area of work will make you stand out from other and thus creating value for your self and the organization as a whole.

Real Reasons for not Securing a Job

It can be really frustrating for a job seeker for not securing an appropriate job, there are several stages before you land a good challenging job, and i will try to list down as many as possible that might be in your case of not getting a job

  • Your Resume is not professionally crafted and it a gives a feel of non serious attitude of a candidate
  • You are applying in crowded market where most probably 1000 of other candidate are already in the race and your chances becomes slim even if you are, potentially a good candidate for the job
  • Using only conventional means for applying for a jobs such as email, or visiting employer’s office, in this era networking is extremely important making good connection with people can land you a job in no time
  • failure to learn new ERP, software, methods etc, there are few bunch of big ERP’s and software which are mostly used in Big corporation, having its knowledge even at an initial level can make you shine in the competition.
  • Confidence and patience is the key, applying half heartedly to any job makes you already unattractive, in less than no time your resume will be filtered out.
  • Not improving your communication level does make good solid hole in your quest for a good job,
  • Not Staying humble and positive at an Interview level, even taking tough question and not doing good at it but your willingness, passion and attitude can leave a mark.

These are the few reason which i have stated there may be many more like this but the real question is are you ready to evolve or not ? are you ready to add value to the hiring organization ?these are the few thing which needs to be in mind and then work accordingly will land an attractive job in no time. Happy Job Hunt.


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