How to Maintain Work life Balance and be Happy

This article is mainly focus on how to dealt with corporate issues and at the same time maintaining work life balance in a busy fast pace environment. As soon as we finish our high school we are put in the dilemma to choose our career path and to make a very important move that is deciding our professional qualification which will give us our bread and butter for the rest of our life , this decision is actually directly related to maintaining work life balance in future and I will tell you how , at this point of time our decision bears too much importance but sadly many of us overlook and go on a career path without properly evaluating ourselves , failure to recognize our self at early stage  that what professional qualification will be best for us in terms that actually suits our personality and nature we tends to choose something which is in “Fashion” and then for the rest of our life we will remain as mediocre in that particular thing and this heavily affects our performance at work which in turns disturbs our personal life .

How to Pave the Way for Maintaining Work Life Balance

To be remain happy at work and also excel in your particular field one must have to choose and plan wisely from the very beginning , it’s a wise saying that “if you failed to plan, you plan to failed”. Pay is always a major motivators in some one life , and we some time fall short in deciding what is actually more important pay or peace, peace with pay is a best combo but it only occurs if you have chosen wisely, even if you have already mistaken choosing your career path at an early stage of your life you can still correct things, first of all before starting any work you need to understand all the nitty gritty and the performance required and before committing to any work you need to analyze and plan how will you meet the performance required by the that particular work and what amount of time is needed to nurture your personal life , 40 hours of work per week is an ideal situation and many of us unable to achieve this , and we are required to work more than this but how much more is the question to maintain work life balance and working more than 60 hrs. per week can seriously affect your health , personal life in the long run, you may disagree with this but I have seen some people being workaholic and working 70 to 80 hrs. or even more which is simply not worth it. You also need to take healthy foods and avoid junk food, so that you can feel less lethargic and tired at and after work, maintaining at least 6 hrs. Sleep in case you are working more otherwise 8 hrs. is a must for a healthy life, one big mistake we generally do is waste our weekend sleeping or doing nothing and telling ourselves that we just need to rest by sleeping all day long so that we can work again tomorrow, this is wrong you need to make the most of the day to gain real energy which will be useful throughout the week some things which you can do is

  • Exercising on your weekend
  • Meeting any of your friend
  • Outing or hanging out at some mall or place
  • watching a movie at the theater and then going for dinner
  • Doing some adventure sports

What is More Important?

Anything which can affect your health in the long run is simply not worth it, people at young age mostly fall for this in the sake of making money they tends to mortgage their life, their family, and most importantly their peace, and then they regret later on when they have money but not these things which I have just mentioned, so what we need to understand this that we need to ask ourselves in every critical situation is this thing really worth it? Is this larger than life? Will I be happy doing this? Will I have peace of mind? these are some question which can evaluate yourself in a given situation, nothing in this life is more important than being happy and leading a content life and this is achieve when you agree to yourself that what you have is sufficient, there is no harm in going extra mile to make money but what my point is that money just simply doesn’t worth it is affecting your health, relationships, and yourself.

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