How to Deal with Stress and Work Pressure

Any kind of Stress and working pressure can ruin your daily life in a jiffy and all of a sudden life started to look extremely dull and boring and in extreme situation people start thing taking extreme step like suicide or try to hurt others or themselves ,and you are always in dilemma to how to deal with stress and pressure, stress has various faces it can be because of family related issues or because of work place pressure both are equally damaging since this article is more inclined towards handling workplace stress  but all the things still applies to any other kind of stress.

What is Actually Stress or Pressure Means?

Stress or pressure is actually related to your brain , if something you hate doing means your brain doesn’t likes to process it but you have to do it no matter what this causes stress or if there is some fear which builds up as the time goes and tell your brain actually the consequences of failure this build up pressure and you feel down and dull , one aspect is also related to physical demands as well as over pushing your limit , this makes you tired and lethargic  and it adds to pressure and stress . So in short stress or pressure is something which you feel extremely bad doing it and also have fear because of the repercussions.

How to deal with Stress and Pressure

As I mention above its mostly related to mind , and to handle it pretty easily only one thing you have to do is to make your brain understand and ask series of question that what would happen if I failed in that particular activity just ask what the worse could happen , and try to get logical answer from your brain that actually what would happen in that particular event where things go wrong, you will most probably get the answer something like this , you will get unemployed or family issues will be ruin, these worse situation will happen but what you could do is by doing certain things you could possibly eliminate their effect, First you need to stop being panic , Life is extremely unpredictable no matter how much you have planned ,things can go wrong in a jiffy am not saying planning is bad actually everyone should always plan , but only relying on your plan is a bad approach what you have to do is make yourself extremely flexible , so that in any event of mishap you can handle it because of your flexibility.

Workplace Stress and Pressure

Office pressure can sometime really demotivating and can affect your health and career, first thing you need to understand this nothing is greater than your health everything comes below this , office pressure mostly arise because of abusive or demanding boss , too much work , late sittings or a fear of termination, all these things contributes to stress and pressure , by analyzing each in isolation one can really help to eliminate their sufferings for example if your boss is abusive and scold you now and then , then you need to fight with him or her not physically but morally if he is scolding you for something you haven’t done then you don’t deserve to listen, even if this cost you your job because you will find many but if you stood if you are right than for the rest of your life you have succeeded, similarly if there is a working pressure that means there is some activity which you are not good at it and might probably won’t do it according to the performance it requires so you need to analyze that activity after getting some sleep or when you are fresh I repeat this is extremely important to analyze that activity when you have a fresh mind . This will certainly improve your performance and if you analyze carefully and try to act according to it you will see how things will change drastically in your favor.

What Is More Worthy 

Life is not always about how to deal with stress or some pressure but it is actually worth more than that even if you meet failure at some point and feel extremely bad about it, remember in Life things change drastically for any one and if you are encountering that you need to just hold on don’t gave up, just have patience things will be better in no time. You just only need to weigh what is more worthy in any situation. Everyone deserves to be happy and we have to remember that success is at the other side of the fear.

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