Joblessness A Curse or Blessing

Being financially secured is all we are thriving for, this world moves around money as it is one of the most common medium of exchange for necessary goods and luxuries, being in a state of joblessness can hamper the route to achieve those necessities and luxuries in life or when you have a family to feed on and bills to pay it can sometime shatter someones confidence to the lowest level.

The Question arises that Joblessness is a curse or blessing, with all the downsizes mention above its seems as an obvious curse, but that’s may not always be the case sometime joblessness can be pure blessing as well, it makes you explore other opportunities or the things which you always wanted to do in the first place. In a state of joblessness we need to understand that many bad things are also taken away not only good things, we will list down those things now, it may or may not apply to you.

  • Office Stress/Pressure/Meeting Deadlines
  • Office politics
  • Negative vibes colleagues
  • Daily hectic Commute
  • Annoying Boss
  • Repetitive work/No Growth

These are possible bad things which will be taken away in state of joblessness, only looking at the bad side of joblessness and getting panic daily can make your life more miserable, life is beautiful, the biggest antidote is to look at people who are in much worse condition to us and there are many, a peace full and calm mind can eventually find its way.

What can be done?

A positive mind is the first we need in a state of unemployment, life is full with different opportunities if something hasn’t worked out or cease to now doesn’t means other ventures will be closed as well, it might be you end up doing something which makes you happy or you always wanted to do in first place which is now rewarding as well that’s the double bonus

A Survey by Gallup shows that 85% people are not happy at work that is something huge and worry some only 15% person find their jobs meaningful

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Figuring out what you Love?

Unless you are robot, there must be certain things in life which you love doing and feel passionate about it, you need to ask yourself if it is scalable and how can it be commercially viable, it won’t be easy and yes it can take time, but it will be worthwhile, in short you will be breaking the shackles of unemployment.

Heal yourself:

Jobs can be really tough, the pressures, stress and all other factor can really tear you out, during your unemployment, use this time wisely, heal yourself, any exercise, yoga or meditation can do wonders, it can really fill you with happiness and you can see what was missing from your life, many at time we take things for granted and do not consider it important, a happy and relax mind is the key, one need in this situation

Time Structuring:

In the period of unemployment, structuring your time wisely can be most important thing why because this way you will be discipline and not fall back on your short sightedness which can be arise in those period, but how can you structured your time? It is pretty simple you need to categorize your hours

  • 6 to 8 hours for working on your passion/Jobs Search/Skills Enhancement
  • 1 to 3 year for exercise/meditation/yoga
  • 2 to 4 hours for complete family time
  • 1 to 2 hours of side hustle, this needs to be minimum and completely different from your core work
  • 6 to 8 hours of Sleep, a sleep deprived person, lacks almost everything

Creating Opportunities:

This world is full of opportunities, and now with the power of internet things are at the palm of people, one most not stop or be stagnant, always in a mood of exploring and discovering opportunities, getting out of your comfort zone is the real success, but that doesn’t mean one has to hate his/her job and still do it, all it means keep doing what you like and believing in yourself, and one day all other are going to believe too, we always become stand still once we believe that we had achieve something, this is the scary part of our lives which we failed to understand because we are just one step away from being thrown away by our competitors/advancement/calamity/etc.

Focus is the Key:

You need to hammer it down daily and monthly during the course of your unemployment, losing focus means losing everything, be honest in your approach, always ask yourself what your did today to cope up with the tough period you are going through, even the slightest of achieving should be cherish and be enough for you to move forward in life

Saving must be a habit:

Saving is something should be taught to person very early in life, children needs to be condition in such way that they make savings for things a part of their life, at least 30 to 40% of your monthly income should be saved or invested elsewhere which can be liquidated easily, financial and money management should be taught to each and every individual,

Stay hungry Stay Motivated:

Life was never promised to be easy, it’s always a bumpy ride, yes some parts can be really hard and painful, but everyone has to go through it, winner is always the one who shows patience and courage to not give up and keep trying, and be motivated in all circumstances, calamity hit everyone differently if someone is going through a hard time because of joblessness, he continuously needs to tell himself , this is temporary and it will going to over soon, getting panic and loosing hope will make things more worse.

“Only I can change my life, No one can do it for me” – Carol Burnett

Hard times do not last much but tough people do, people with positive attitude can easily turn the table around, right mindset with a right approach, is the key to the new beginning , a beginning which was always made for you, it is just that you had explored now only.

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