Problems of Unemployment How to Stay positive

Problems of unemployment are just not financially it is much more to that almost many of us in life at some point remained unemployed for some time or may be longer but this is something most of us can relate to, this phase of life actually teaches a lot of extremely outstanding lessons if one is willing to learn, but we are always in a rush that is actually human tendency , and one can also say that all these thing are actually good and inspiring to read , unless one is going through it , but to be honest, whose has promise any one that life will be bed of roses , actually life is a bed of thorns and thousands of thorns are scrambled on your bed and you need to pick and remove each of it so you can sleep peacefully and comfortably and all this process will takes time and patience if you keep hanging in there without giving up in any case, you will eventually achieve what you want.

Analyzing your Situation

Problems of Unemployment can be very harsh for someone and can be manageable for others, you need to understand your current situation, if in family you are not just the only one to support the entire family then it can be manageable and might not bring too much pressure but if you are the only one then it really hits you hard and in majority cases it is like that, so what actually all the problems are I’ll try to list down as many as possible, though there are some direct and indirect affect.

  • Unable to pay normal bills on time such as rent, mortgage, utility etc.
  • Unable to run your kitchen properly in worse situation and falling short on your food bills
  • Might be unable to pay you children education fee.
  • It  might look as a crime to think of any form of entertainment during your unemployment
  • Daily it adds pressure to you and makes you demotivated, dull and lethargic.
  • Too much thinking might affect your health, and you can lose your temper in a jiffy
  • Making you less productive in your daily routine work and might have a feeling that you are good for nothing

These are some general issues which mostly people face when going through unemployment phase, any of the above situation can get worse but still there are some ways even if you can’t eliminate any of the above problems you can still minimize its affect, and then with the passage of time you can regain what you wanted, but the question is how?

How to Defeat Problems of Unemployment

First of all you need to tell yourself that what is happening to you is not permanent and you are not alone as well, you need to bring back your courage, zeal and commitment which is lost somewhere, but how? you need to think of a time when you met of a failure and how successfully you eliminated it and came out as winner, every person goes through trouble in their life and then they defeat it, you need to remember those positive things even if it is small, but still all these things won’t pay your bills right ? actually wrong these are the steps which are necessary in order of your bills to be paid, there might be at time some not so well paying jobs are being offered to you , do not let them go think of it as a temporary pain killer, grab these  kind of opportunity so that you begin to break even at least , Any part time work or any services you can offer that you are good at, you just need to think of  those and there are 10 of thousands of opportunity to make money online by just doing simple things ,these might not bring big $$$ but still you will be in a driving mode rather than standing still.

Making Sure the Panic Button Remained Switched Off

Still something will keep you nagging in head and that actually builds up pressure and your panic button will be activated but how to make sure that button never gets switched on , since you have good amount of time daily you need to exercise to remain fit, do some yoga or any kind of exercise your like, it is really important to lower your pressure and to remain calm, borrow some good books on any topic you like and do read that book on a daily basis make it your habbit, do not remain in the home always  go outside on a long walk or spends some time in parks, meet your friends regularly to have a nice chit chat but never talk about your misery,

In search of solution of problems of Unemployment so that you can change your condition do not forget to live the life which is something extremely precious there are many people who are quite wealthy but unable to enjoy their life, you need to understand that money never promises to bring happiness, it is you that can bring happiness to yourself and with patience you will eventually defeat your Unemployment.

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