10 Jobs Scams in UAE to Avoid

UAE is always an attractive market for job seekers, because of its thriving economy and lucrative GDP per capita UAE is one of the third largest economies in the Middle East, every year thousands of job seekers turn to UAE for their career aspects, and many are first-timers, they are new to UAE Culture and how things work there they don’t know and this is where they become the victim of jobs related scams,  there are various jobs related scams happening in UAE, which not only shakes the confidence of jobseeker but also deprive them of their hard-earned saving, in this article we will discuss the 10 most happening scams in UAE related to the jobs market.

1.Fake Interview Scams:

After Applying to online jobs the only expectation for a job seeker is to receive an interview call, this happens a lot in UAE you receive fake interview calls, they will simply ask you to visit a certain place and that your interview is scheduled at a certain time upon reaching you will see a one-room office and people are conducting the interview, usually interviews happen at company premise but it is still possible a legit interview is happening anywhere else other than company premise, but the notorious kind of things about these fake interviews that at the end of the general interview the so-called recruiter is seen to ask for some sort of payment from the candidate in the name registration fee/paperwork fees, which is absurd, the whole point of conducting the interview setup is getting monetary benefit from a job seeker, they usually call people who are ex-pats and nearing to their visa expiry so they can get benefits from their desperation.

2.Visa Fraud Scams:

Another Similar type of scam the fake Interview scam is when a job seeker applies to a certain position and after conducting an Interview in a very legit manner they hands over the offer letter on a fake company letterhead with all the necessary details, they ask them to pay a certain amount like AED 300 or AED 500 for the Visa Application /Work permit fees, candidate fall in this trap quite easily they pay the amount upfront thinking of it as a part of the recruitment process, however in UAE no employer can ask you for the VISA related fees they have to bear it themselves no matter what.

3.Pyramid Work Schemes Scams:

This type of scam is quite common in UAE, scammers lure job seekers that they need to buy something from them in return for a paid gig or a fake business activity, they even go to the extent of sometimes paying candidates for their initial payment only to win their confidence so just they can invest more in that schemes, these scammers use different tactics to promote this kind of schemes most popular are, using any influencer and social media marketing,

4.Fake Recruitment Agencies Scams:

Many fake recruitment agencies promise jobs to job seekers upon giving them a certain fee usually ranging from AED 250 to 350, the way they deceive job seekers by appearing extremely legit like having an office and staff, but they don’t have any business model or actual business practice the best way to counter this issue is to rely on recruitment agencies who are properly registered with the Government.

5.Data Collection Scams:

Many scams are related to the collection of sensitive data, scammers advertise fake jobs to collect sensitive information through their resumes, and this information then can be used against the candidate, it is always advisable for a job seeker to craft their resume without providing any sensitive information.

6.Fake Degree Scams:

This scam is quite famous not only in UAE but in the World as well, Scammers tempt job seekers into that a certain Degree/Diploma is needed which can be issued to them and their employability chances will greatly Increase upon a payment fee they issue a fake but genuine looking degree with a university name and with all the stamps/signatures, there is a good number of Expats coming in UAE in search for jobs they get into this type scams quite easily mostly unknowingly.

7. Remote Jobs Scams:

This is fairly a new kind of scam originated after the rise of the pandemic, in this scam, scammers usually provide job seekers with an Offer letter and some kind of initial work as well and make themselves appear legit, after that they ask the candidate to buy any resources from them to get the work this can be anything for example, a fake writing package, where you will be provided with the writing-related task, they usually build the confidence in the start and then pitch their offering to get work and they promise the more you pay the more work you get

8. Relocation Scams:

This kind of scam is done to job seekers in the name of relocation assistance, they usually ask for a good amount example AED 1000 to 2000 for your relocation and they do it mostly from overseas candidates.

9. Agent Jobs scams:

This scam is not just associated in UAE but overall in the world, this scam is similar to recruitment agency scams, in this scams an individual approaches different job seekers through fake job advertisements asking them to join different job-related groups, these groups are closed, and paid group, in actual there are no real jobs, there only motive to get as many individual in these paid/close group as they can.

10. Unpaid Work Scams:

Not all scams be attributed to money, some scams often take individual time and skills as well, These kinds of scams are done by legit companies/small business owners, what they do is that when they have a good amount pending work they want to settle, they hire people in the name of training and make them do their pending/repetitious nature of work and then they just let them go without any solid reasoning, although in UAE it is illegal to work without a work visa, they insist jobs seeker that this is legal and part of our business practice.

Every Day we hear new kinds of scams popping out related to jobs, scammers are everywhere, those who are the most desperate fall into their trap quite easily, job seekers need to understand that their desperation will not benefit them but if they remain calm and composed it can certainly do wonders, mass applying and applying at places you don’t know exposes job seekers in the hand of scammers, remember a job seeker needs only to apply relevant and realistic jobs.

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