Getting Employed in Gulf a beginner Approach 2019


Every day its getting tough to get employed or to stay in employment because of the rapid changing in our environment and the demands of the corporate world is really tightening, there is a continuous upgradation of literally everything and its not easy for each and every individual to keep abreast of today’s happenings and that is the reason why some climbs up the ladder quickly while some just stay behind the door, Job Market in Gulf is constantly evolving and changing especially in UAE because of new wave of companies emerging, technological advancement happenings and improve methods of working.

Yourself Checklist:

Before even landing in any of the Gulf region whether UAE , KSA or QATAR you need to do a checklist on your self thoroughly what you need there i will try to list down with the brief importance

  • Your Educations & Skills: This Area should be strong no matter what position you are looking for for eg: Accountant, Doctor, Engineer, waiter, chef, plumber, driver, anything whatever your profession is ask your self do you have certain good skills in your occupation , polish and improve those skills that you need capitalize later on.
  • Your Confidence & Will: This alone can land you an extremely attractive and satisfying job , all the time you need to be confident in your speaking power, its will be extremely fruitful if you have good command over spoken English if not improve this area as much as you can, your will and not willing to give up in any circumstances is a key even if you have to fake it for few months fake it till you land the job, whenever you meet any one regarding your Job always be passionate about the work show them how much you can be involve in it in no time
  • Your Resume & Documents: Before landing in any Gulf region you need to finalize your resume keep it simple and professional write down any other skills you have as well as make number of set, of your academic qualification do search for the procedure of attestation as well.

A Practical Approach:

When you land in the gulf region first and last thing which you need is the zeal, will and never give up attitude and not get nervous by seeing all the gimmicks such high rise building automated machines and AI, one of the most important thing in the gulf is how much time you have the more time you have there more likely chances to get employed so plan this accordingly,

Start your job hunt from the next day you land everyday is expensive and you are burning $$$ but do not think like this over there be calm have patient and start your hunt but the big question is how ?

See your resume first before applying in general see what you have their in your kitty and what Job will be appropriate for you, now try to find relevant post related to your job title for example a Payroll Accountant would search Job payroll Accountant and filter out the recent job posted in a week or 2 maximum, all major job engine and social media function in the same way so job keyword is really important

Important Apps such as 2gis, RTA for UAE and other local app for different gulf region always ask when you meet some one during your job hunt what important apps are there for travelling, accommodation etc it really do support your job hunt

whenever applying a job try to apply and send your resume directly to the HR or relevant email so look for that email which is responsible for job opening this is surely going to speed up the job process and it really works faster then applying through big job portal like bayt, or others

Everything takes time and this getting employed process usually takes a lot more, stay patient and calm though it is never an easy job itself but trust me it will do wonders do not get tired of applying daily you will see the result after a month and a half so it is always advisable to visit any gulf region such as UAE for 3 month at least

Important Tip:

One of the most important tip is to set a budget for a paid ad for your self first craft an ad about your self your skills and competencies and how can you add value to organisation as a whole save that add on word or note pad , which ever gulf region you are in, try to find the top publishing network such as here in UAE , Dubbizle and Khaleejtime is one of the leading publishing network so give your paid ads on these network in the relevant section off course and see how effectively you can cut down an intensive competition, similarly different regions like KSA QATAR must have some top of the line publishing network just you need to know them before actually utilizing them

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