What Are Employers Looking for in the UAE Job Market

UAE has a thriving job market, but it is different from other countries because certain industries are quite popular than others and certain skills are in demand always. Every year thousands of ex-pats turn to the UAE for their career prospects but in UAE things are quite different from their home country, it is important as a job seeker to know exactly what employers are looking and which sectors, skills are in demand.

Experience requirements:

Here in UAE, most jobs advertised want people with full expertise, and employers generally love people who handle tasks with minimal supervision, that they are experts in their field, most of the jobs require candidates should have at least 3 years of solid work experience it is better if they have 5 or more years of work experience relevant to their field, although one most important things employer looks here is that candidate should have local or at least have some GCC country experience, home country experience is generally ignored here or it will going to start with low pay.

Technical Skills requirement:

UAE is a country consisting of 7 emirates so traveling is something you are often required to do for work needs, you need a valid UAE driving license which is costs around between AED 4000 to 7500, and not so easy to obtain one. Many jobs specifically advertise that they are looking for a candidate who has a valid driving license, Other technical skills which are valued by employer are related to their specific profession for example, an IT firm will be looking for professional with a complete development knowledge, or in real estate sector employer would prefer sharp sales professional.

Local Need Cultural Needs:

UAE is a Middle Eastern country, and its culture, customs, traditions, business etiquette and practices will be quite different if you are not coming from another GCC Country, the sooner you adapt to the UAE culture it will be easier to understand the culturally related need for the aspects of your job. Knowing Arabic is very important here, though English is widely spoken here, if you know Arabic, your resume becomes colorful automatically.

Soft Skills needs:

Soft skills are equally important as technical skills, candidate need to be strong in their soft skills area, communication skills, analytical skills, presentation skills, problem-solving and collaboration/teamwork these are some of the skills that increase your employability chances, acquiring or improving these skills are not that hard you just need to be focused and measure what you are doing.

Qualification Needs:

Relevant qualifications are always a considering factor for the employer, the candidate should have a qualification that matches their profession and how they align their soft skill to impress the recruiter/employer basic qualifications like a bachelor’s and masters are always important but adding a supplement qualification to these like any diploma or certification that amplify your degree is a sure plus point to your overall resume.

Fast-paced Environment Needs:

Since UAE has developed infrastructure, the office environment is developed and fast-paced as well, Candidates must have the ability to adapt to a fast-paced environment which is often regarded by employers for example in the real estate sector a quick and adaptable learner will easily outperform others who are not so proactive.

Strong Networking Needs:

Networking is key, employers often regard individuals with strong networks that can eventually benefit their organization, LinkedIn networking, relationships with previous organizations, and acquaintance with key individuals are surely going to add value to your profile.

Employers In UAE want people who can share their pain and work with minimal supervision, ask yourself if you can add value to the organization to whom you are applying or just you are applying for the sake of a job, because of the fast-paced environment in UAE, the candidate with low confidence or communication skill often lacks opportunity here, it is really important to work on yourself enhance your skill to get employed.