How to Approach for Jobs in United Arab Emirates

How to Approach for Jobs in UAE

Job Market is continuously evolving and each passing day it is getting harder and harder for individual to get employment in this era of technological advancement where AI /Block chain are soon to become part of individual life and its incorporation in business is already happening in developed countries not in a massive scale but they have started and its believed many jobs soon to be replace by Artificial Intelligence,

For Employed Individual

It is very important for every individual who are employed to continually upgrade their employment game, but how this is very important, every employed individual should need to ask them what nature of job they are currently in for example if their job is of repetitive such as data entry, packaging, loading, clerking or similar type in which an individual doesn’t add any strategic value they just do as they are directed they are on the verge of being replace sooner or later

Other Individual who add some strategic value and their post are such as Accountant, Engineer, Architect they too are in a risky if they do nothing they will feel they heat soon too

These lower to mid-level position employees needs to act fast and start to think strategically and should try to align their interest with the interest of the organization and contribute to the organization mission to achieve success and to move themselves in a secure position, because these categories of employees might be replace if they do no act as per the organization vision by robots who can do things much faster and in a cheaper way in the long run

For Unemployed Individual

Every market demands is different than other In GCC and mainly in UAE employer focuses and give people preference over other if they know certain ERP and Software in advance, these soft skills needs to be updated by individual and it do increases their chances of being employed by larger extent, some of the EPRs and accounting software widely used in UAE are QuickBooks, Xero, Tally, SAP etc.

Candidate should also needs to craft their resume carefully avoid using template for CV, use professional words when writing resume, in a brief manner describe how u have added value in the past organizations

Confidence is the key you need to carefully understand the post which you are applying, and when you lands an interview you have to make an impression to the employer that you are well aware of the post advertised

Keep applying to the relevant post advertised and never to lose hope and do make sure that for some of the post you are applying updated your resume accordingly it does amplify your chances of being employed to a greater extent

Patience and consistency is the key try to make sure you CV lands at the relevant HR emails it does not only increase the chances of employment also it lessen the lengthy recruitment process

Job Hunt is an exhausting process but if you do it patiently you will come out as a winner every day you need to do something different, try to explore new opportunity and you will cut down the competition in no time

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