How to Save While on Job Hunt in UAE

Saving is something one should do regularly it should become a habit not just some one of a task, and this habit will surely going to help in the hour of need especially when entering the professional phase of Life, and when the Job hunts begins regular saving habits will going to ease up some pressure while hunting for the job, this article is for all the expats who are eyeing UAE for Jobs in coming future

We will try to break down major expenses, where significant saving can be made

Food and Accommodation:

Major jobs in UAE are in Dubai or Abu Dhabi and these city have posh, middle and lower class area and there rent accordingly there is no need to stay in posh area try to find bed space in a middle to lower class area which can be approximately around AED 400 to 700 per month, there are villas and certain arrangement where landlord provide food with accommodation try to get these facilities as it will relieve your from cooking and you can concentrate better on job hunt, overall package should not be more than AED 1000 which include accommodation plus 2 times meal if they are asking for more it’s better to cook yourself.


Major chunk of your hard earned savings will be eaten up by travelling expense if you do not wisely spend, always try to use public transport such as, Metro’s, Bus, never use Taxi. If you strategy for job hunt relies on daily traveling try to get yourself made a Metro Card it’s around AED 350 to 450 and you will be tension free for the whole month but the card is limited to one city only for which you have made no for the other emirates


On Job hunt you need a lot of printing, you will be giving your resume/educational documents/personal identification and so on try to done it from your home country as in UAE this is expensive if done from the market.


Everyone needs a breath of fresh Air and UAE is full of attraction and in no time you will be spending loads of money on entertainment, a normal movie ticket cost around AED 40 it is possible that you are paying the full price while many watching the same movie in AED 20, looks for discounts, promos and sales, there are always many offers running and this can literally saves hundreds of Dirhams.

Basic necessities:

Again never pay the full price, always compare prices for your daily routine stuff, and aim for big super markets there always some kind of promotion is going look for discount, promos clearance sales etc.


These super simple and easy to follow tips will literally save you quite an handful amount of dirhams and not only it will gave you saving but makes you more smarter and vigilant about the UAE market, there is always 2 pricing is going in UAE one is for Tourist and other is for the resident, resident never pays the full price while tourist doesn’t mind paying, just don’t be a tourist on your job hunt

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