Job Markets How Not to get Tricked

Each Day’s hundred and thousands of jobs arises in the Gulf region and it comprises of  all level, well mostly they are lower to mid-level, but good portion also comprises of senior to presidential level, as its always the norm the higher the position the lower the jobs will be for that position,

The problem of the Job market for the job seeker is that is not easy to identify whether all jobs are real or not, as some employer tries to collect job seeker data as well by creating fake or unreal jobs, in this article we will going to talk about how a job seeker can safeguard their identify while applying to relevant jobs to their fullest potential so that it increases their chances of being employed

First of all we need to look at the job advertisement, as a job seeker we need to be cautious the position they are applying they know the best about the work, see if the job advertised does related to the work you have done or its completely unrelated, if not much work has been describe then we need to see what other options are there, we are going to list down

  • Experience requirement
  • Salary requirement
  • Work location
  • Industry

See if any of the above show un usual sign for example position is of lower level and the salary advertises is abnormally high, just to attract and collect cv’s it’s obvious, nobody likes to pay more then what the position deserve and there is always a market based salary which is going around for every position, another example would be less experience requirement for a higher position generally for managerial level 5 to 10 year of experience is required there might be certain exception in some cases, as a job seeker needs to look for any unusual signs

One thing which candidate as a job seeker must do to hide their confidentiality is that for job hunt prepare you self in advance use a new number, its sole purpose would be for the job hunt only, create yourself a brand new professional looking email which will be used for the communication with the employer, these are few small steps which would safeguard a jobseeker confidential information

One of the Most Important Tip and Assessing whether any job is real or fake is if any employer is asking for any money in advance for the employment, real jobs employer never ask job seeker for any money, This is one of the easiest tactics of an imposter that they try to benefit on the job seeker desperation , and as a job seeker they tends to fall in this kind of category by paying money in the name of service charges or fee because job seeker gets tempted by seeing fake but genuine looking offer letter

It’s the duty of a job seeker to assess the employer from the beginning of the recruitment process from the initial calls to physical interview steps and meeting and seeing the physical place of work in case of online work employer credibility can be asses by visiting online communities and asking about the legitimacy of the employer

Candidate needs to update themselves in this era where everything is on Internet and within a few click employer legitimacy can be known, there is high likely that almost every company have presence online and there are communities who would be talking about the company, candidate just need good searching Skills which also can be self-taught quite easily by the Big G

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