UAE Job Market Getting Employed in UAE

UAE Job Market is Healthy

Getting involve in UAE Job market is not always easy and when you have responsibilities in any form like a family to bear and to pay debt etc. it adds to pressure to job hunt and in that pressure you will do certain types of thing which you don’t know and these are actually mistakes which hinder you to become employed, if you seriously tackle few things which I will mention later on then getting a job in UAE is like a piece of cake. 3 month visit visa makes your chances of being employed quite brighter than 1 month visa. And I have always been told that UAE market is saturated and there are no jobs these are all lies, there are many jobs but the truth the competition is extremely tough because different people from all walks of life come here in search for job and this makes the competition tough. This is the only reason I found which makes difficult for someone being employed

Have a Right Approach

In desperation I have seen at least in UAE job market candidates apply to jobs like crazy thinking about the number game that they might crack one out of applying 1000 jobs which is actually not wise, what you are wasting here is your time, your focus, and the right approach , since this article is focus for UAE market in 2017 but still it applies to anywhere you live , the first step I would recommend to create a professional resume/cv not something glittery or funky in any way the choice of words used in resume should be professional related to your field this is extremely important and remember to have professional looking photo in resume not a Selfie or pic taken at local wedding. Statistics of UAE job market approximately is like for a given job which is advertised, around more than 500 applications are received and sometimes this number go beyond to 1000/2000 mark , so the biggest question arise how to cut down the competition this is the most important step in getting employed.

Cutting the Cut Throat Competition 

So how will you cut down the competition , because you have professional cv/resume , you have the skills and experience as well as the required education but still you are not getting calls for the interview that’s because you cv is unable to make it to the table of the recruiter and its lost somewhere believe me in most cases in UAE this happens a lot , so what you need to do is search and search for site on google on LinkedIn and on social media like Facebook and google plus for the jobs which is advertised only a day before this is the KEY look for the post , communities groups and pages where recruiter advertised their post , am not saying do not apply to major site like BAYT and through INDEED but almost every other person is applying on that and this makes your competition on an extreme level which you certainly need to avoid in UAE jobs market . Because you are far away from home and daily expense is something nagging you quite often.

You Next Wise Step

So After applying on jobs at places which are less advertised you have cut down the competition and now you will starts to receive calls from recruiter but still it takes little time, in that time you don’t need to lose your patience, your commitment and your focus, just keep on repeating the step mention above on an average after like 20 days you will start to receive at least 1 interview calls per week, so in this step you have to remain patient and committed throughout your approach

Add on Tips for Job Hunt:

One step I told you look for the places where there is less crowd in a job advertisement other most important step is not just only to wait for the Job advertisement but to be proactive mean search of companies in UAE, search for UAE company index , in Dubai or other emirates in google visit the site and search for the Career section of that company , there are numerous times I have seen this personally that relevant jobs are just only advertised on company’s website not elsewhere , search for those relevant opportunities and apply . Personal references and contacts do work sometime but should not seek this as a last resort,

So I have listed above the techniques if you focus on these and remained patient this will land you many interviews I repeat Interviews, still might not jobs because cracking a job is different story and UAE job market is full of jobs you just need the right approach to crack one for you and am working on that article which you will soon see here but in the first step is to get more and more interview calls which extremely brighten up your chances on being employed. Thank you for reading and please see our  next article in series that is how to find a job in GCC countries which is now published, please like and Share using the share button.