How to find a Job Ultimately in UAE and Other Gulf Regions

How to find a job in GCC countries

This articles is in relation with the previous article about UAE job market in how to find a job ultimately, in previous article I share many insight of how can you get more and more interviews this article is focus on how to find a job in UAE market but still apply to other GCC region such as KSA, OMAN, BAHRAIN, QATAR etc. and these all market are still not saturated by any means things are not as good as before, but still they are miles better than you home country especially if you are coming from a third world countries.

After Getting Interview Calls

As I mention in my previous article about how to cut down the competition and get enough interview calls so that they can potentially be converted into your employment, the question is not always like how to find a job but how to pave the way correctly which will eventually be turned into your prospective employment, getting interview call on a weekly basis means that you are on a right track, your approach is good and if continue to happen for like 7 to 8 week you will definitely crack one, but the biggest question is still there how to advance in an interview , and stand out from the competitions, sometime it depends on the position you are applying and some time it solely depends on you, for example if the position is for the senior level like Manager, Senior Manager , then mostly your past experience and technical knowledge in the relevant field is extremely important, but if the position is for the Junior or Entry level then most important thing is the confidence, right attitude, style and way of talking to the interviewer , the interviewer should able to feel your commitment and be able to assess your ambitiousness, but these are things which you are responsible to make them feel, but how, first off all you need have a pleasant mode and never panic or feel nervous in the interview , just talk like that you are here for a business deal and in this business deal you are selling yourself, try to show commitment towards learning new skills by showing them their route plan for the next 5 years like for example you plan to take some course along with your job, explain them your reason, talk about your past experience in short and concise way do not talk unnecessary, always try have an eye contact with the interviewer.

How to Avoid Pitfalls in an Interview

Never panic in an interview if you panic you will lose the game here , there might be many time that you don’t have a clue about a question ask by interviewer and you simply don’t know it , doesn’t matter what matter is if you don’t know any question by saying simple NO means you are punching yourself with an iron fist , so never so NO even if you don’t know the question, try to analyze the question and come up with something even if it’s wrong try be logical , if you do this means you have passed this step, because here most interviewer will assessed that even you don’t know the question you kept on trying and didn’t gave up easily.

Interview is Never One sided 

Mostly people think interview is something where you go to answer series of question asked by the interviewer this is wrong, the moment you turn interview into a discussion that’s means you are talking business always have 2 to 3 question in mind which you should ask in the middle or at the end of the interview these question can be generalized as well means like , how this organization promotes learning at an organization level etc. there are many time I have seen interviewer is most interested in discussing about your outside life other than your professional life , talk about it in precise way, tell about your achievements if you have any , these are the thing which you need to make interviewer aware,  that how vibrant and color full you are and not some boring person.

How to Conclude an Interview

This is something which is in the hands of the interviewer but this thinking is wrong you need to conclude an interview after the interviewer finished asking question or seems slow down you need to pick this point where your question will come in which can be anything but should be relevant like about the company stuff or career growth question, also at the end of the interview from both side you need to remember that it is not over yet and you should not be relied on them only ask the interviewer straight forwardly in polite tone about this overall interview and when can we expect to hear from them again try to get a time frame like for example in a week’s time or 10 days , this should make you clear as well and you will not be remained in the dilemma that you might get the that job. Sit back relax and repeat the whole process with another interview. This whole act will make you extremely competitive among other candidate and you will see the result very soon and will answer your basic question that is how to find a Job, happy job hunt !

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