Office Manager / Personal Assistant Needed-Dubai

Limitless Consulting LLC in Dubai, are recruiting an Office Manager/Personal Assistant.


Executive Support

· Completes a broad variety of administrative tasks for the President/ CEO including: managing an extremely active calendar of appointments; completing expense reports.

· Composing and preparing correspondence that is sometimes confidential; arranging complex and detailed travel plans, itineraries, and agendas; and compiling documents for travel-related meetings.

· Plans, coordinates and ensures the CEO’s schedule is followed and respected. Provides “gatekeeper” and “gateway” role, creating win-win situations for direct access to the CEO’s time and office.

· Communicates directly, and on behalf of the President/CEO, when required.

· Researches, prioritizes, and follows up on incoming issues and concerns addressed to the President/CEO, including those of a sensitive or confidential nature.

· Provides a bridge for smooth communication between the CEO/President’s office and internal departments; demonstrating leadership to maintain credibility, trust and support with senior management staff.

· Works closely and effectively with the CEO to keep him well informed of upcoming Commitments and responsibilities, following up appropriately.

· Provides leadership to build relationships crucial to the success of the organization, and manages a variety of special projects for the President, some of which may have organizational impact.

· Successfully completes critical aspects of deliverables with a hands-on approach, including drafting acknowledgement letters, personal correspondence, and other tasks that facilitate the CEO’s ability to effectively lead the company

Schedule Management

· Responsible for scheduling meetings. This may include setting up travel, meetings, speaking engagements and other appointments for the executives they are assigned to work with.

· Making appointments, this may also involve ensuring there are no scheduling conflicts and making sure executives know where they need to be when.

Office Management

· Involve overseeing the work of clerical and other administrative employees, as well as making sure that everything is in place for the office to function smoothly.

· Maintains office services by organizing office operations and procedures; controlling correspondence; designing filing systems etc

· Maintains office efficiency by planning and implementing office systems, layouts etc

· Designs and implements office policies by establishing standards and procedures; measuring results against standards; making necessary adjustments.

· Completes operational requirements by scheduling and assigning employees; following up on work results

Communication Liaison

· Manage the flow of information to members of the executive leadership team. They may screen phone calls, open and sort mail, and summarize reports and memos that are received before passing the information on to the people they assist.

Information Preparation

· In preparing and formatting information for internal and external distribution. This may include writing letters and memos, compiling data for reports, creating computerized presentations, writing reports, transcribing dictation, editing, proofreading and other information preparation duties.

Records Management

· Maintaining company records sometimes falls under the scope of executive assistant duties. They may be responsible for setting up and managing both electronic and paper filing systems, as well as taking steps to maintain that the company is in compliance with all applicable record-keeping requirements.

Data Analysis

· Involved in data analysis, using a combination of computer and critical thinking skills. For example, while top-level executives are accountable for ensuring that the company is meeting its overall financial goals, in many cases it is the assistant who carefully analyzes financial data and creates reports that identify areas of concern the executive may need to focus on.



· Minimum 3-5yrs experience in a related position in a large organization within the UAE.

· Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college.

· Strong organizational, time management and interpersonal skills with ability to work effectively with employees at all levels.

· Highly proficient in Microsoft Office programs.

· Demonstrated ability to handle confidential information appropriately.

· In-depth knowledge of concepts, practices and procedures with ability to use in varied situations.

· E-mail prospecting, sales planning, presenting and closing

· Managing pressure

· Collaborative Leadership

· Interpersonal skills

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