Healthcare jobs in UAE 7x positions

Healthcare jobs in UAE 7x positions

Amana Health Care – Home Care group is currently looking for the following positions who are willing to work in Abu Dhabi and/or other emirates of UAE.

Experience: Must have clinical experience in home and community care setting or community outreach

  1. Clinical Coordinator (Code: CC-HHC)
  2. Quality and Education Coordinator (Code: Q&E-HHC)
  3. Team Leader (Code: TL-HHC)
  4. Health Visitor (Code: HV-HHC)

Public health Nurse/District Nurse/Health visitor

  1. Speech Therapist (SLT: TL-HHC)
  2. Occupational Therapist (Code: OT-HHC)
  3. Physiotherapist (Code: PT-HHC)


Please send the CV with the relevant subject code to

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